South Platte River Rodeo


There’s nothing more fun than watching boats flip. Especially funky, makeshift boats full of rowdy, costumed floaters trying to brave the small wave at Confluence Park! So grab a beer and join us for a rodeo like you’ve never seen before - one that features a boat parade showdown in the South Platte River!


→ South Platte River in Confluence Park

Timing: Registration at Event Info Booth from 12pm - 3pm

Check In: 4:30pm

RODEO : 5pm - 6pm

Note: There will NOT be lifeguards / spotters in the water.



There will be awards for all the brave boatmen and women who try to tackle the waves! We’ll be dishing out prizes for three main categories: Best Boat or Float, Worst Boat, and the coveted Spirit Award. Prizes will include gift cards and gear giveaways from sponsors, as well as Elitch Gardens Day Passes and VIP Wristbands!


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The fine print from our lawyers to make sure we all stay safe: Participation is at the sole discretion of event management.

  • No Boat of Float Size Limit but material must float and not pollute the river (ex. Decorations must be attached - No glitter, styrofoam, or other pollutants)

  • Participants must transport their boat or float to and from the event

  • Kids (Under 12) can participate in groups of adults only, not on their own. Kids will have PFD access onsite.

  • There will be Lifeguards / Spotters in Water

  • No motors

  • Participants are allowed to hang in the water after the rodeo ( floats etc in the river to watch concerts after Rodeo event)

  • River flow may affect this event